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Ken Gullette interviews Mark Chen for the Internal Fighting Arts podcast


Practice constantly. Transform yourself day by day, at first with great effort, later with ease. Study of the martial way is, in the end, just this.
    Chen Changxing

Chen Family Old Frame Taijiquan

Chen Family Old Frame Taijiquan is the ancestor of all Taiji styles. Like every legitimate Taiji style, it is a martial art, not new-age meditation. The basic exercises provide health benefits to people of any physical condition, though advanced levels of training are mentally and physically demanding.

The system encompasses a wide variety of training methods that are performed solo or with a partner, and contain both slow and fast movements. These include:

The empty-hand forms contain the core principles of Chen Family Taijiquan: silk reeling ( , chan si jin), redirection ( , yin jin luo kong), neutralization ( , zou hua), waist movement, etc. In addition to these skills, weapons are used for training explosive force ( , fa li), sensitivity, and agility.